[development] Drupal's CVS policies... including 'foriegn' code in TinyMCE module?

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Wed May 23 14:19:31 UTC 2007

Quoting Scott McLewin <drupal at mclewin.com>:

> Perhaps the argument is less about whether to allow 'foreign' code 
> into the CVS contrib area and is more about how to decide which third 
> party libraries to bless as part of core - preferably an optional 
> part that is only made active by a module that needs it.

Awesome point.  This leads to colaboration for the module maintainers 
using those third parties.  There are some third party libraries that 
should never be used by more than one module while there are some that 
will be.  Perhaps a third party node on g.d.o would suffice for 
colaboration for specific third party libraries?


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