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Ashraf Amayreh mistknight at gmail.com
Sun May 27 23:41:51 UTC 2007

I'm not sure I really understand the above, but I have used the node profile
module to designate content-types as "profile" nodes. Teamed with CCK, you
can add as many fields as desired and can group them in fieldsets, or so I
reckon (I haven't really tried fieldsets in CCK).

If this is not relevant to this discussion, just ignore it :-P

On 5/28/07, Mark Leicester <mark.leicester at efurbishment.com> wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Yes, I've also found the need for the sort of thing you describe. I have a
> working implementation that allows the arbitrary grouping of fields into
> fieldsets, where those fieldsets may be assigned and weighted within any
> category including the account page itself. Like you I only allow a single
> level of fieldset. I use an extra table to group fields by a fieldset name
> in the same way that the current implementation groups by category names. My
> admin interface is incomplete as yet (clients were happy to have it
> configured manually and then left alone).
> I've also added radio buttons to the available profile field types.
> It sounds like we're more or less at the same place. Shall we compare
> notes?
> Cheers,
> Mark
> On 27 May 2007, at 19:42, Mike Anon wrote:
> This was posted in the forums under Module Development at:
> http://drupal.org/node/146972  It has received no responses (so far).  If
> it receives no responses here, as well, then I have the answers to my
> questions.
> I wanted to attach a fairly large number of variables (fields) to each
> user's profile, and the UI for displaying and updating (editing) "that many"
> variables was not to my liking.
> At the moment (in 4.7, anyway), profile variables can be put into
> "categories" (apologies to jaza and bdragon, but that is the "official"
> description of the way that profile fields are divided into separate and
> distinct groups). When a user profile is edited, the various categories are
> displayed as links near the top of the first edit screen, with the first
> edit screen focused on the "account settings" category. Those with user
> administrative privs can add additional profile fields and each field can
> (actually, must) be placed within a category. I believe that there are no
> restrictions on the number of profile fields or the number of profile field
> categories, although I certainly haven't stress tested it.
> The "edit user profile" UI currently loads a separate page for each
> category. That separate page lists all of the profile fields associated with
> that category, in the order specified by the normal Drupal
> weight/alphabetization mechanism. There is no ability to group the fields in
> a fieldset.
> I have a simple module that allows those with user adminsitrative privs
> the ability to assign each profile field to not only a category, but to a
> fieldset, as well.
> Would this capability interest anybody else? By that I mean is it worth my
> time to spiff up the existing module I have so that it becomes a contrib
> module? Like many, I don't want to go through the effort if there is either
> no interest or, in the extreme, negative interest.
> At the moment, the code can only handle a fieldset depth of one. That is,
> only one level of fieldsets for each category. Of course, each category can
> have unlimited fieldsets, but they remain at the same level - one beneath
> the category. The design of the database modification, however, leaves the
> door open for unlimited fieldset depth (not that anybody would ever use more
> than 2 or 3 levels).
> In addition to someday allowing for unlimited fieldset depth, at some
> point I can see adding a "report" node allowing for a screen report to be
> generated with the contents of a given category/fieldset combination. Since
> users aren't nodes in 4.7, views can't be used to generate a report of
> this nature.
> My discussion on #drupal and #drupal-support lead me to believe that there
> is not much involved here which will be different for 5.x, although I
> haven't looked into that myself, yet.
> So, the question is, does it make sense for me to put "yet another profile
> extension module" in play? Translation: would you find this capability to be
> useful?
> I believe that I have checked the existing profile modules and none of
> them implement this functionality.
> Assuming this to be a useful thing for some people, would it make more
> sense to fold this capbilitity into an existing profile contrib module
> rather than create a separate contrib module?
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