[development] howto release three new modules?

Burobjorn burobjorn at gmail.com
Wed May 30 23:10:07 UTC 2007


I've been developing on and off some modules for a client of mine. These 
are my first (so be gentle if I did something not a la the 'Drupal' way) 
Drupal modules and are only for the 4.7.x version and only for mySQL.

We would like to share these with the rest of the Drupal community and 
we were wondering what the best way of doing this is?

The plugins are documented using phpdoc for dev docs and include user 
documentation for the usage of the plugins. We tried to keep them 
multilingual although we haven't tested that (yet). At the moment the 
plugins are in English.

A short description of the plugins:

1) Consultation module.

Allows to consult registrated users either by web surveys or sms (needs 
a patched profile module and optionally the sms gateway module). Groups 
can be created based on profile parameters, these groups can be 
consulted using surveys either on the site or by sms. Surveys can be 
exported and imported. Consultations can be exported as CSV reports. 
Groups can be contacted by email or sms.

2) The Shicafe (SHow ICal FEeds) module

Is a small Drupal module, which facilitates the display of off-site 
events published via iCal feeds. It allows you to add, update and remove 
iCal feeds and show the corresponding events in a block on your Drupal 

3) The Gimme module

Allowes a site owner to make news and/or events easily accessible via 
sms. One can send an sms keyword and receive a set number of node 
titles. It needs the smsgateway module installed.

ps: Due to time constraints I cannot (yet) update them to version 5 nor 
version 6

Looking forward to hear from you guys,

All the best,


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