[development] howto release three new modules?

Dan Robinson dan at civicactions.com
Thu May 31 01:11:33 UTC 2007

Hi Bjorn,

Procedures for contributing modules are on the website.  You will need a
CVS account - which you can get by applying for one.

> Hi,
> I've been developing on and off some modules for a client of mine.
> These are my first (so be gentle if I did something not a la the
> 'Drupal' way) Drupal modules and are only for the 4.7.x version and
> only for mySQL.
> We would like to share these with the rest of the Drupal community and
> we were wondering what the best way of doing this is?
> The plugins are documented using phpdoc for dev docs and include user
> documentation for the usage of the plugins. We tried to keep them
> multilingual although we haven't tested that (yet). At the moment the
> plugins are in English.
> A short description of the plugins:
> 1) Consultation module.
> Allows to consult registrated users either by web surveys or sms
> (needs a patched profile module and optionally the sms gateway
> module). Groups can be created based on profile parameters, these
> groups can be consulted using surveys either on the site or by sms.
> Surveys can be exported and imported. Consultations can be exported as
> CSV reports. Groups can be contacted by email or sms.
> 2) The Shicafe (SHow ICal FEeds) module
> Is a small Drupal module, which facilitates the display of off-site
> events published via iCal feeds. It allows you to add, update and
> remove iCal feeds and show the corresponding events in a block on your
> Drupal site.
> 3) The Gimme module
> Allowes a site owner to make news and/or events easily accessible via
> sms. One can send an sms keyword and receive a set number of node
> titles. It needs the smsgateway module installed.
> ps: Due to time constraints I cannot (yet) update them to version 5
> nor version 6
> Looking forward to hear from you guys,
> All the best,
> grtz
> BjornW

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