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Stephen Wills developer at blessedherbs.com
Thu May 31 17:47:06 UTC 2007

Funny, I seem to recall this same sentiment being proffered many  
times about a company run by an aggressive dropout from harvard who  
managed to take out an awful lot of the OS space.... a lot... but not  
all :)

imho, no one need fear interoperability.  The only question is if  
Googles rich client api is the right thing.  I have a use case in the  
non-profit sector.  The VISTA program likes to promote Drupal for  
it's projects and many of them have existing data sources, under  
developed client side solutions and a lot of new web-enabled out- 
reach initives.  Google Gears may be the right ticket to integrate  
their systems and bridge the "digital divide" that much of their  
clientele is oppressed by.

Climbing off soapbox,
Steve "CTC-VISTA wannabe" Wills

On May 31, 2007, at 12:36 PM, Dan Robinson wrote:

> With the advent of Google Maps I was very hesitant to use them or
> recommend that others use them.  Essentially because I was really  
> afraid
> about where Google was going with this.  Of course my fears have been
> meaningless and ignored by Google and practically everyone else in the
> computing world and Google maps are becoming ubiquitous.  My point  
> is at
> that I'm starting to think "if you can't beat them, join them".  In my
> view we are headed into a brave new world.  Led, for better or  
> worse, by
> Google.  The rate of change they are pushing is mind boggling.  I have
> wondered for a long time whether they could keep it up - but it seems
> clear that they are accelerating and deepening.
> In my view core Drupal needs to "play nice" with google stuff (as well
> as others).  The world is changing.  2-3 years from now the way people
> use the Web will look different from what it does now.  Very  
> different.
> People will use Drupal if it is relevant to them.
> Dan
>> http://radar.oreilly.com/archives/2007/05/google_releases.html
>> http://gears.google.com/
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