[development] Access denied 403 problem for anonymous users

Pavan Keshavamurthy pavan.k.murthy at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 15:28:34 UTC 2007

Tried rebuilding node permissions @ Admin >>Content Management >> Post
Could be the case.

On 03/11/2007, Tomas J. Fulopp <tomi at vacilando.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a weird access denied 403 problem on one of my sites - see
> http://www.sententiae.org/
> Only happens with anonymous access, and only for one content type
> (page). (The right column points to a different content type, and that
> shows fine.)
> I would think I'm a seasoned user but here I have no clue.. nodeaccess
> is off, taxonomy access is off, anonymous are allowed to see nodes, does
> not depend whether cache is off or on... any ideas, anybody?
> This site is not very important but if this happened on one of the
> crucial ones, I would have absolutely no solution!
> Any ideas what to check for - variables, cookie, etc. Let me know, please.
> I'm running D5.2.
> Tomáš / Vacilando
> PS I've also posted a support request at http://drupal.org/node/188956
> but I doubt anybody would help with this one there, so I am sending it
> to this list to bring it to the attention of the devs.

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