[development] $_REQUEST/$_COOKIE scope in URLs?

Richard Morse remorse at partners.org
Mon Nov 5 15:01:56 UTC 2007

On Nov 5, 2007, at 5:07 AM, J-P Stacey wrote:

> Hi Richard,
>> You can click on the various columns to change the sort order. If  
>> the REQUEST is not serialized into the URL when the links to sort  
>> the table columns are created by theme_table, when you click no a  
>> column heading to resort the table, suddenly your search is  
>> abandoned.
> OK. $_REQUEST seems a weird place to store attributes of a results  
> table, but at least that explains why the serialization is  
> happening, if that's the accepted way of doing it. I suppose it's  
> no weirder than the use to which I'm putting the same scope. Maybe  
> I should switch all my request-persistent storage to $GLOBALS, like  
> almost everything else...!

I'm not putting attributes of a results table into $_REQUEST, I'm  
keeping track of what the current $_REQUEST is. The idea is that you  
specify "show me all users with a last name containing the string  
'Smith'". This gets sent (using a GET form) as something like  
"q=site_user_list&fields=last_name&string=Smith". It displays a list  
of all the users with a last_name field of 'Smith', and has columns  
which you can sort on. If $_REQUEST is not serialized back into the  
URL automatically in tablesort_get_querystring(), the URL that the  
column headers would go to would be things like  
"q=site_user_list&sort=first_name&order=desc", etc, instead of what  
they should have:  
c", etc. So if $_REQUEST wasn't serialized back into the URL, when  
you tried to change the sort order of the display, the parameters  
that restrict what is being shown would be lost. I imagine that's  
also the reason this is done for pager_get_querystring().


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