[development] custom search form

Feijó patrao at legendas.feijo.info
Tue Nov 6 17:36:45 UTC 2007


I bought it last week, but take a long time to get here in Brazil :(

I guess I will have to insist googling all possibilities that come into my 
mind, the problem is I'm runing out of ideas of words to look for (filter, 
hook, form, search, custom, ...)


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> Feijo wrote:
>> Hi Domas,
>> I just looked at views_fastsearch
>> I cant use that, I cant use views.  I need to implement my own form and 
>> my own search (set the SQL with values from the form, get the result and 
>> show as a theme_form).
>> Can you or someone in this group can point me the direction?
> Chapter 12 of Pro Drupal Development covers what it sounds like you want 
> to do.
> Mark

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