[development] hook_form() and multistep

Ryan Courtnage ☠ ryan at courtnage.ca
Thu Nov 8 17:29:27 UTC 2007

Hello All,

I'm attempting to make a multistep node submission form in D5

All the examples using #multistep I find assume the form is being
rendered by drupal_render_form(), which passes the form values as the
2nd argument.  These form values can contain the step number that is
used to decide which form fields to render, and what to

In my case, however, it's a node submission form .. hook_form() is
being used (not  drupal_render_form()).  hook_form() gets passed the
node object, but not the form values.  As a result, I'm not able to
determine what step I'm on.

I'm assuming it's possible to make a multistep node submission form.
Can someone point me in the right direction?


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