[development] Taxonomy labeling changes

J-P Stacey jp.stacey at torchbox.com
Thu Nov 15 09:49:36 UTC 2007

>>> - Avoid use of "Taxonomy" in the UI. The overall system, despite the
>>> module name, is "Categories."
>> -1 for this. It used to be called "Taxonomy", but was changed to 
>> "Categories" for some reason. Go back to calling it Taxonomy. 
> I completely agree with you, Richard.

<AOL>Me too</AOL>: use precisely one of these words throughout, and it looks 
like (for URL reasons) "taxonomy" is the harder one to get rid of. That at 
least removes the main *inherent* ambiguity in the system: the rest of the 
problems are IMHO caused by the loadedness of words in other contexts.

Word back from a tame librarian:

) How about 'descriptor'?  (It does presuppose that they're descriptive,
) though.)  Then you can have 'collections' of descriptors.  Inelegant
) and abstract, but that's the price of avoiding terms which are weighed
) down with existing connotations.
) Archivists talk about 'fonds' and 'sub-fonds', so I wouldn't ask them.

Moral of the story: forget about librarians, unless you're after a book.

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