[development] Do not let postgresql hold back great patches

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Sat Nov 17 18:05:24 UTC 2007

On Nov 17, 2007, at 7:38 AM, Karoly Negyesi wrote:
> > In my opinion, any patch should be committable to core once it works
> > on mysql and has a decent hope (use common sense) to work on
> > postgresql.

On Saturday, 17. November 2007, Jeff Eaton wrote:
> Question: Should this approach be taken with Javascript-related code
> on any non-Firefox, non-IE browsers?

I think the main point to consider here is:
Will such issues hold back a release (i.e. Postgres support is still a 
critical issue - "deferred, but not dropped") or will it be released with 
Postgres left in an unfunctionable state (or, for that matter, 
Opera/Safari/Konqueror for JavaScript stuff)?

The latter would be where "dropping support" starts.
Personally, I see no problem with the former.

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