[development] Do not let postgresql hold back great patches

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sun Nov 18 14:07:04 UTC 2007

> assume your previous statements apply to your current statements,
> unless you disclaim them.

Really? So if I write a mail which makes it crystal clear I changed my view then I should add "Hey! look! I changed my opinion!". Sure.

> I do think Larry has a point, though: This situation will only get
> harder and we cannot hold up all patches until they work on every
> conceivable platform.  If we have consensus on what platforms we
> support and lack of hostility to re-opening closed issues due to
> portability issues that come up later, and sometimes "mysql-only
> developers" even having to rewrite code that works on mysql in order
> to make it portable, then a process that includes commits before
> patches are tested on all supported platforms is probably sensible.

Here we agree.

> HOWEVER, I still think the mandatory works-before-commit set of
> platforms should include more than just mysql; including at least two
> DBMS's makes it much more likely that the code will be portable for
> additional DBMS's later *without* requiring rewriting.

Here we don't.

> Here is my process for using PostgreSQL 8.3:

Huh, nice. OK, I shall admit that I already have installed postgresql on Tank but I am so unsure about it... anyone could help the process with a tutorial which makes sure the database can accept connections from localhost and only there? Also, add a "drupal" user with "drupal" password which can do... anything whatever it means. This process is clear on MySQL and after two years with occassionally working with pgsql, I could not figure out its grant system. I am daft, I know.

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