[development] Views is part of core.

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Tue Nov 20 01:18:34 UTC 2007

On Nov 19, 2007, at 5:08 PM, Darren Oh wrote:

>> I'd just like to make an observation of dww's recent statement:  
>> "Without a D6 version of views, drupal.org will not be able to  
>> upgrade to D6.  Without a d.o upgrade, 6.0 will not be released."   
>> To me, this means that Views is "the core component that isn't  
>> shipped with core."
> So is Project.

Not that this really matters, but, I disagree...

Views is the core component that isn't shipped with core since  
basically every drupal site on earth uses it.  It's going to be more  
true for D6, since d.o itself will also be using it, but that fact  
doesn't make it part of core.

Project is in the critical path to the next core release, due to our  
policy of eating our own dogfood, but no one in their right mind  
should consider it part of core. ;)  Relatively speaking, a  
vanishingly small fraction of drupal sites would want to install and  
use this suite of modules, even though drupal.org does.

I think there's a big difference.

YMMV, and I really don't want to fuel a "debate" on something with no  
action items at all.

No matter how you choose to think of it, 6.0 won't ship without a D6  
version of views and project*, so if you have time and energy to  
help, please spend it on those efforts.  That's where the action is. ;)

-Derek (dww)

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