[development] drupal on postgresql benchmark

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Mon Nov 26 19:00:37 UTC 2007

Bill Moran wrote:
> In response to Gerhard Killesreiter <gerhard at killesreiter.de>:
> My point is:
> a) Let me send you a tweaked postgresql.conf file and well find
>    out whether the performance difference is simply a matter of
>    untuned configuration and ...
> b) Let me have the query log after the test and I'll see if I
>    can identify any queries that could be improved, then someone
>    else can test to see if the improved queries are acceptable
>    from the MySQL standpoint.
I think this misses the point of the experiment which was to see which 
ran faster out of the box without optimization, not which can be made to 
run faster (which is another useful experiment but much more complicated 
loads, read/write/update ratio, transactions, etc).

On the other hand i completely agree with your points above and realize 
that those individuals most concerned with performance should have or 
desire the knowledge to properly configure the database engine/server. 
Unfortunately this isnt a black box many people like to touch readily.

I'm all for making things go faster i just think this test wasn't meant 
to prove database superiority or anything like that and that is what 
this seems to have morphed into.

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