[development] Core drupal.module moved to contrib site_network.module

Gábor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Mon Oct 8 14:59:09 UTC 2007

Hello World,

After discussions about the state of Drupal module, it turned out that:

 - drupal module does two things: phone home to a central server and
distributed authentication
 - drupal.org does not collect any information submitted with
drupal.module, so the phone home has no reason to live in Drupal
 - Drupal 6 is going to ship with OpenID which is much more secure, so
there is no requirement to keep shipping Drupal module with Drupal
(but it should be made available for users looking for an upgrade
 - Drupal module was misnamed, its namespace collides with built-in
system level functions

So after looking at all this, it was decided that Drupal module needs
to go out of core. At http://drupal.org/node/178768 we discussed the
future and suggested names. Because all features are kept for now, the
new name is site_network. Anyone looking for this functionality will
find the project at http://drupal.org/project/site_network from now.
Andy Kirkham (aka AjK) volunteered to maintain the module and moved
the existing drupal.module issues to the new project.

All-in-all I hope this improves the privacy (no useless phone-home
feature to explain) and security (no password tunneling) of Drupal 6.


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