[development] how to identify "root" modules?

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Mon Oct 15 02:04:31 UTC 2007

On Sunday 14 October 2007, Gábor Hojtsy wrote:

> Well, I used "root" modules as the module in the given suite, which
> should always be enabled, and some of the others depend on it. In this
> sense ecommerce has two such modules: ec_common and store. The problem
> is identifying at least one of those, not to pick one from a list if
> we have more :) I don't think it is a good idea to put these modules
> actually in the module suite root, even I would advocate module suites
> to have each module in its own directory , unlike views or cck, but
> like ecomerce or ubercart. (Although this definitely needs to be
> decided on a case by case basis, having folders for each module allow
> more space for them to grow).
> Gabor

I would favor a naming convention of foo/foo.module for the "main" module in 
any tarball.  Multi-file components of the module live in foo/foo.key.inc, a 
la the page split code.  Packaged sub-modules, well, I don't like the idea of 
underscore as a standard because underscore is already heavily 
overloaded. :-)  I don't know of a better alternative, though.  In some 
cases, certainly, they don't need a related name.  (We don't need 50 modules 
named cck_foo.)

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