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FGM fgm at osinet.fr
Wed Oct 17 17:56:46 UTC 2007

FWIW, the french would actually expect "1 234,56 €", "1 234,56 EUR", "EUR
1.234,56" or "1234,45 euros" depending on the situation. Not sure we're
worse than others in that respect, but this is just to show that even within
a given country and for a given currency, a wide range of variation can
exist and can not just be inferred from technical parameters.

Using EUR (or USD, CAD, GBP, whatever) is mostly dedicated to professional
parlance in international trade. Use of the plural form without an uppercase
is typical of informal practice. Digit grouping varies wildly. Not
forgetting that accountants will typically expect negative values to be
formatted as "(12 345,67)"

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> Forget about currency. Currency is completely unrelated to the
> user's language, and it certainly shouldn't change, just because a
> user changes their language.

Well you can express amounts in dollars, euros, yuan with different
formats as you express floats.

Eg. I'm expecting to read
€ 1.234,56
1.234,56 EUR
French people may expect something like:
the - sign can take different places:
- $ 1.234,56
$ -1.234,56
an American may expect to read
€ 1,234,56
in other countries the symbol of the currency may be put after the
number etc...
site owner may decide that French people may see currency formatted
in some way and English people see them formatted differently for the
*same* currency.

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