[development] code proposal: localization of currency, ...

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Sun Oct 21 17:27:14 UTC 2007

On Sunday 21 October 2007, Ivan Sergio Borgonovo wrote:

> The application programmer will provide the "number" as it has to be
> (already rounded, with the correct exchange ratio bla bla bla), the
> administrator will provide has it has to be formatted for every
> language/localisation).
> The application programmer won't have to code for *every*
> localisation most of the time... and if it has to... he could.

I think I see the disconnect here.  You're talking about a site admin level.  
I'm speaking strictly of a general code-level currency mechanism.  The actual 
format string that would be passed in, yes, would come from variable_get() or 
something like that so that it's the same site-wide, just like were we to use 
DateTime in Drupal 7 (which I highly encourage) we would not, presumably, 
have every module author calling ->format() with their own string.

> > > I think it's not
> > > the task of a CMS to "understand" content unless you're obliged
> > > too. So why should you provide a currency object?
> >
> > ... How is it not a CMS's job to understand content?  Drupal knows
> > a huge amount about its content right now.
> By necessity not by will I hope. The more knowledge you spread in a
> system the more you make it interdependent and entangled.

That's where good use of design patterns helps you keep the system smart but 
decoupled. ;-)  (It is relevant that a given field is a date field or a SSN 
field; it's not relevant to every single function that touches that 
structure, however.)

> What I mean is that drupal should know as less as possible about what
> dates, currency and float are and *why* they have to be formatted in
> some way (eg. parenthesis vs. sign etc...) this should be up to the
> site administrator, to provide the right format string and to the
> application programmer, even rounding is not a task drupal should be
> aware of, nor exchange rates and timezones; or at least it may
> provide the information to the application programmer, but it
> shouldn't know how and why it is used.

Again, it seems we're addressing different problems.  You're after a float 
version of the date() (or format_date()) function with site-wide defaults.  
I'm talking about currency as its own value entity independent of the 
administrative settings, on top of which defaults could be built.

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