[development] issue followups as comments -- testing needed

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Wed Oct 24 14:22:46 UTC 2007


Is it in a shape that is ready for putting it on scratch.d.o? This way we
get real data, and more people can test it, since they don't have to set it

And it is also a test for the migration of the existing followups (you are
migrating them, right?)

On 10/23/07, Chad Phillips -- Apartment Lines <chad at apartmentlines.com>
> Ladies and gentlemen,
> Issue followups as comments is almost a reality on drupal.org! This
> is a major leap in issue queue functionality, including:
> 1. multiple file attachments per followup
> 2. tracker integration
> 3. ability to edit followups (unpub/delete for admins as well)
> This is also an important step along the road to porting project* to
> Drupal 6 (which has to happen before we officially release Drupal 6
> -- see http://groups.drupal.org/node/6180 for our current project*
> roadmap).
> We're at the final stage now, and need your help testing the UI and
> reporting any bugs you find.  To make things super easy, I've
> configured http://project.drupal.org with the new code, so you can
> simply go there to perform your testing -- this is a clone of
> drupal.org, so your regular username and password will work fine there.
> Couple of things to keep in mind:
> 1. We're looking for bug reports and UI tweaking suggestions.  If you
> have a feature request or other major structural suggestion, you're
> about two months too late, I'm afraid...  ;)
> 2. If you have admin privileges, and you'd like to see what the site
> looks like from an auth user's perspective, you can login with user:
> test, pass: test
> 3. If you're surfing old issues, be aware that the file links will
> give you a 404, b/c the files aren't on that server.
> 4. If you find a bug, or have a UI tweaking suggestion, please first
> search for an existing issue at http://drupal.org/project/issues/
> project_issue, and file a new one if you don't find yours reported
> already.  Let's not clog the devel list with random suggestions.
> If you have any questions, find me in #drupal.
> Thanks, and happy testing!
> hunmonk
> p.s. Thanks to chx for the original IFAC code, and to dww for the
> extra guidance and help along the way...

Khalid M. Baheyeldin
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