[development] Crossing information between content types

David Strauss david at fourkitchens.com
Wed Oct 24 22:10:18 UTC 2007

Yuval Hager wrote:
> Hi all,
> Let's say I have two content types - a person and a bank account. A person can 
> have several bank accounts, and a person also has an address. 
> Now I need to present a listing if all the people who live in New Jersey and 
> have more than $100k in their bank account. In any database application it 
> would be dead easy - just use a SELECT.. JOIN on these two tables and you're 
> done.
> However, on Drupal, I am not sure what is the best way to accomplish that.
> First thing I did was to define these two content types in CCK, install the 
> relativity.module and declare parent-child relationships between the person 
> and her bank account.

For the sake of simplicity and performance, don't use CCK if you need to
do complex joins.

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