[development] Generate Drupal code from (textfile) specs

Olav Schettler olav.schettler at contaire.de
Mon Oct 29 12:06:43 UTC 2007

At http://drupal.org/project/builder, I have started a module that 
(currently only) generates a node module from textfile specs. The 
module uses YAML as its specification language, a simple text format 
that has become popular as the configuration language for recent MVC 

I believe that exploiting the new APIs in Drupal 6, this approach can 
be extended to describe a whole Drupal site including installation 
profiles, views, mappings between taxonomy and menu, theme files etc.

The module somewhat contradicts the traditional Drupal way of providing 
an admin GUI for site configuration. Using text files as input, 
however, allows me to concentrate on the output side if things. As a 
benefit, text files can be kept in a code repository. Once the feature 
set grows richer, maybe the module can even generate its own GUI by 
creating a set of FAPI data structures.  

Please, have a look at it and tell me what you think.
Olav Schettler

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