[development] Generate Drupal code from (textfile) specs

Sean Robertson seanr at ngpsoftware.com
Mon Oct 29 18:51:53 UTC 2007

LOL, that's priceless.

Moshe Weitzman wrote:
> Please reflect upon http://www.bikeshed.com/. It is pays homage to the
> greatest list email ever sent.
> On 10/29/07, Earnie Boyd <earnie at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
>> Quoting Moshe Weitzman <weitzman at tejasa.com>:
>>> please lets not have a pointless format war. this is the least
>>> interesting aspect of olav's fine proposal.
>> No war intended and my question is still valid.  We already deal with
>> XML so why add YADF to deal with?  XML is handled natively (at least
>> with PHP 5) while YAML isn't.  Olav's proposal is fine indeed; the
>> methods need hashed since his proposal may one day become the
>> recommended way to do things.

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