[development] This can not continue

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Wed Oct 31 22:43:29 UTC 2007


With due acknowledgement of what Eddie Wong does for Drupal, I am now
going public because this can not continue: Eddie, your followups most
of the time are not relevant to the issue, and they are way too long.
I am asking you in public to change -- please make your point in one
or two sentences if at all possible and only if it is about the issue
at hand. I asked this before in various issues without any effect. (To
be more concrete: just what does clustering to with my db_lower

I am quoting people from #drupal who also happens to work on the
database layer (not me):

Q: "Who is hswong3i, and why is he so obsessed with commercial
clustering solutions?"

A: "[...] he's so focused on Oracle to the exclusion of everything
else, even when he then proposes patches that make life difficult for
everyone except Oracle users, that I have to try hard to not oppose
Oracle support on principle."

Kind regards,


Ps. To make sure, I BCC'd Eddie -- sorry if you got two copies.

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