[development] Drupal Core Test Plan

Philippe Jadin philippe.jadin at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 18:57:43 UTC 2007

> - We can also use this as a check-list for our library of SimpleTest
> automated tests (or Selenium or whatever). While it takes awhile to
> write all of these, once they were written "in theory" no human would
> ever need to test those aspects again.

Jon Udell's talks on his blog about a tool that could be very
interesting : http://blog.jonudell.net/2007/09/06/the-social-scripting-continuum/

It's called Coscripter
(http://services.alphaworks.ibm.com/coscripter/browse/about) and it's
a way to describe in human readable text a series of actions you
perform on a website. It can then played back inside the browser (it's
a firefox extension).

"CoScripter is a system for recording, automating, and sharing
processes performed in a web browser such as printing photos online,
requesting a vacation hold for postal mail, or checking bank account
information. Instructions for processes are recorded and stored in
easy-to-read text here on the CoScripter web site, so anyone can make
use of them. If you are having trouble with a web-based process, check
to see if someone has written a CoScript for it!"

This could be used to automate Drupal testing and see the results live
in the browser. Very low barrier of entry it seems. I don't know what
is the licence of this firefox extension trough...


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