[development] table vs tables

Jakob Persson jakob at jakob-persson.com
Mon Sep 10 09:35:47 UTC 2007

See I shot myself in the foot here. Quite embarrassing frankly...

"Reply to Sender Only" is obviously not working as it should in my 
version of Thunderbird.

Anyhow, do not make my mistake please.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jakob Persson

Jakob Persson wrote:
> Hi Glenn,
> In the future, please create a new email instead of replying to a 
> threaded one. Your question ended up in the middle of a long 
> discussion about Drupal and GPL. Emails that are threaded are tagged 
> so your email client can tell which emails relate. When you replied, 
> your email got tagged making it appear being part of the GPL 
> discussion. Creating a new (untagged) email, your email will be 
> considered to be a new thread and will end up at the "root" level.
> Thank you,
> Jakob Persson
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