[development] jQuery 1.2 is released

Tao Starbow starbow at citris-uc.org
Tue Sep 11 20:55:28 UTC 2007

Having jQuery UI in core would be huge.  I know there was general 
agreement that the interface plug-in was not up to snuff (too big, too 
clunky).  Hopefully jQuery UI will be acceptable (seems likely since 
John Resig has been leading the development).  Having a drag & drop 
library included Drupal 6 would catalyze a revolution in UI work.

fingers crosses,

Adrian Simmons wrote:
> Johan Forngren wrote:
>> http://docs.jquery.com/Release:jQuery_1.2
> Indeed :)  Anyone have tips on integrating this with Drupal 5.x? Can 
> jquery-update module handle it?
> But more interestingly jQuery UI is coming on Sunday 16th, I suspect 
> there'll be a lot of requests to have that added to core...

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