[development] About Geolocation module?

Doug Green douggreen at douggreenconsulting.com
Wed Sep 12 14:14:41 UTC 2007

As Robert mentioned, we encourage you to work with other developers
doing similar things. There is no "oversite" committee on module naming.
You can use underscores in the name, but not dashes. But I'm fairly
certain that anything like geo_location, location_geo, geolocation2,
etc, will be very poorly received (and I speak from personal experience
here). I strongly suggest you either work with other mapping folks, or
you come up with a completely new name. Your module seems user or ip
based, so you might try that in the name. I don't think that this isn't
the place to name the module, so I'm not even going to venture a suggestion.

Zidong Cai wrote:
> another question, if I try to ask for geo-location with a hyphen in the middle, do you think i will get approved?
> thanks.
> zidong> Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 14:12:22 +0200> From: douggreen at douggreenconsulting.com> To: development at drupal.org> Subject: Re: [development] About Geolocation module?> > The module is in CVS, but the developer hasn't created a project page.> > You can view the CVS code here:> > http://cvs.drupal.org/viewvc.py/drupal/contributions/modules/geolocation/> > It looks like the module is just a couple months old, so it's unlikely> that it's been "deleted" or "abandoned" as you had hoped.> > You should probably look at the source code and if you're doing> something similar, offer to merge/help the maintainer. dopry can be> reached here:> > http://drupal.org/user/22202> > If you're doing something different, then you'll need to pick another name.> > Zidong Cai wrote:> > Hi, I'm very new to drupal project, within several weeks, i've made a new module, which can find out user's geographic information through their latest logining ip address, plus generate a yahoo map.> > > > my proble
>  m is that i'd like to name my module as 'geolocation' under drupal project, however through searching from google, i find another module of cck field having the same name, listing on drupal cvs http://cvs.drupal.org/viewvc.py/drupal/contributions/modules/geolocation/, then i checked here http://drupal.org/project/Modules, the module list, there seems to be no 'geolocation' module there.> > I really want to know if this module exits now or just been deleted from drupal.> > Can I still use 'geolocation' as my module's name if theirs was just deleted?> > > > Thanks in advance.> > > > Zidong> > _________________________________________________________________> > Discover the new Windows Vista> > http://search.msn.com/results.aspx?q=windows+vista&mkt=en-US&form=QBRE> > > > > -- > Doug Green> douggreen at douggreenconsulting.com> 904-583-3342> > Bringing Ideas to Life with Software Artistry and Invention...> 
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