[development] About Geolocation module?

andy at spiders-lair.com andy at spiders-lair.com
Wed Sep 12 17:35:24 UTC 2007

> another question, if I try to ask for geo-location 
> with a hyphen in the middle, do you think i will 
> get approved?


 Try to think like an end user rather than a developer. If you do that you will have two modules called "geolocation" and "geo-location". Which do you choose?

We do try to avoid module functionality duplication so if you applied for an account right now based on the above criteria you'd probably get turned down. Can you not see what else is going on in this area and join forces with others? If you were to go ahead we'ed have "location", "geolocation" and "geo-location". I couldn't think of anything more confusing (other than actually getting physically lost somewhere without a map and compass)


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