[development] Some numbers

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sat Sep 15 09:39:36 UTC 2007

> > You know who you are and which group you are in and what have you added to
> > the Drupal community. Thanks.
> So? That learns us that Drupal Community is not a pluriform group of coders. 
> Fine. 
> Pleas stop crying: Drupal has never been Coders-only. And will never be that. 
> In fact: it grew from people who EXCLUSIVELY TALKED about CMSes: drop.org.  

Hm, the original letter was very carefully crafted to avoid the conclusion that contribution == coding . Let me quote:

"one of which is usability of a new functionality so it requires zero experience with anything"

it was _exactly_ people with knowledge about other CMSes and in general, web applications who were needed in the actions issue which is resolved by now. There were non-coders who did contribute to the issue, thanks god. 

I am just following up because you are twisting my words.



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