[development] Drupal Dojo looking for a teacher

Dmitri G dmitrig01 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 21:16:13 UTC 2007

The Drupal Dojo is having a lesson tommorow, but no topic and no
teacher!  We're at http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-dojo.

The Drupal Dojo is a group focused on teaching people about Drupal. Every
Sunday, we bring in an experienced Drupaler to give a presentation using a
VNC (where their screen is broadcast live), TeamSpeak, so we can hear them
explain things as they go, and IRC, for questions.

Often there's so much Drupal content out there, be it in the API or the
handbook, that it's very difficult to know where to start looking – the dojo
session helps break it down into manageable chunks. And when the teachers
hit problems, we can see them debug their code live, helping us understand
the debug techniques that are so instinctive to some and so obscure to the
rest of us.

We've had some important members of the drupal community explain the modules
hey've built – we had chx, writer of the new hook_menu and much of forms api
give a presentation on the forms api. We've had the writer of views,
merlinofchaos, give a session, and we've had (Kreynen), one of the major
contributors to the tinyMCE module explain the new version in detail. If you
listen to the Lullabot podcasts, they interviewed the dojo creator Josh
Koenig about it, and they were really positive about it.

And although we're focusing on learning, we also do end up having a lot of
fun – in times of the irc channels, we're a social gathering point between
#drupal-support and #drupal itself. We hang out, we share work, we learn!

Our idea would be debugging, but it can be anything you want.  If you are
going to teach (please please do :D ), they come on in to
irc://irc.freenode.net/drupal-dojo, type "ping dmitrig01" and I'll help you
get set up.

One last thing, our lessons happen at 11:00AM PDT.  And this is definitely
not sharp.  We do it any time you can.  We've done lessons at 10:00,

Dmitri, Dojo Administrator
Senpai, Dojo Administrator
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