[development] Simpletest automator

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sun Sep 16 11:28:45 UTC 2007

Hello world,

I am very proud to announce the simpletest automator project. A module
that helps you writing simpletests -- you just click-click-click and
the test is recorded. Of course, the results need quite some love, but
it's much better than starting from scratch.


Here is the README.txt:

This module helps in creating simpletests. Here is what the module does:

 * lets you create a user with given permissions.
 * switches you over to be that user
 * records the pages you visit
 * saves form submissions into a file
 * adds assertions made from the content of the result -- not the
blocks, just the content itself.

Of course, the results are crude and the test name at this moment is
wired in. But, the day is not over yet :)



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