[development] jQuery 1.2 is released

Dmitri G dmitrig01 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 17:55:59 UTC 2007

On 9/16/07, Philippe Jadin <philippe.jadin at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 9/16/07, Larry Garfield <larry at garfieldtech.com> wrote:
> >
> > If you can get an exploit that allows arbitrary PHP execution, then all
> you'd need to do is write a new hacked javascript file and then update the
> database with a new md5sum.  Voila, it won't be detected.
> >
> > And having Drupal (or your OS, or browser, or anything else)
> auto-install files without asking you is a bad idea in general.  The
> user/admin should always have to be notified of and pre-approve any changes
> to the installed software.  To do otherwise is just begging for the system
> to auto-download its own crack.
> And from a different perspective, what is this thread about?
> Automating jquery plugins install ? I smell the overengineering flux
> :-)
> - jquery UI has not been released yet, so it's hard to evaluate how to
> ship it with Drupal
> - other jquery plugins have been known to be a decentralized thing,
> and moving very fast (with api changes). Even if it's not the case
> with UI, it's too new to evaluate
> - we don't even know what Drupal will use from this jquery UI
> - we don't auto install Drupal modules why would we autoinstall jquery
> plugins ?

OOH.  Same idea here.  I don't want auto-install them.  But other people do.

Imho auto install of jquery plugin is not needed. Fine grained control
> of what is enabled or not is not very important.
> I think that someone thrusted from Drupal UI module could create an
> archive containing everything including UI widgets and images.

I was thinking that modules can define hook_jquery_plugins, which will
auto-register the filenames and check if they exist (admins will download UI
to sites/all/scripts).  Then other modules could call jquery_include('ui',
'resizables') which would auto-include the resizables (from the UI module)
and everything it depends on.

This archive would be available ideally from the jquery website, as we
> can't put this stuff on d.o or eventually on a third party server.
> Admin can dowload this archive inside the UI module and be confident
> that it will work. Other modules would simply depend on UI module and
> add_js() what is required for them.
> As long as the js is added to the page only when requested, it doesn't
> matter if admin must upload a "big" archive inside Drupal UI module to
> make it work.
> my 0.02
> Philippe
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