[development] DAST 5.x-2.0 released

Allister Beharry allister.beharry at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 03:59:21 UTC 2007

Hi all,
I'd like to announce The 5.x-2.0 release of the Drupal Automated
Staging Toolkit http://drupal.org/project/DAST. This toolkit contains
the core Phing build files and types that allow you to automate the
tasks of setting up a Drupal site -
 1. Getting the Drupal core and module code either from CVS or a local
directory or tarball
 2. Applying a patch to the site, fetched from from a local file or an HTTP URL
 3. Creating the MySQL database and writing configuration directives
to Apache, MySQL, and PHP configuration files
 4. Fetching and running an installation profile so the site is
ready-to-use as soon as the build completes.

I'd encourage everybody interested in automating Drupal setups for
testing to download the current release and have a look at the
drupalorg_testing-site project - this is a build project which creates
a complete working d.o clone using the drupalorg_testing profile.
Feedback is earnestly  desired.


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