[development] hackathon on Sunday

Doug Green douggreen at douggreenconsulting.com
Sun Sep 23 08:14:40 UTC 2007

Karoly Negyesi wrote:
> Hi,
> Sunday, Maria Aguilo 45, yellow line (L4) to Pobleneu, walk one block
> on Pujades turn right walk for like half a minute, there!
> I will be there all day long. We have wifi, power, about 14 chairs,
> the rest -- floor, beds, wherever :)
> Drop me a line if you are coming.
> See you,
> Karoly Negyes
chx, I'm in the alley way in front of Maria Aguilo 45BIS and it's not 
your apartment.  There's a 43 and a 47, but I can't find 45.  Can you 
ping me and/or look outside.  Thanks!

Doug Green
douggreen at douggreenconsulting.com

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