[development] Call for Drupalcon Barcelona presentations/notes

Boerland, Bert bert.boerland at getronics.com
Tue Sep 25 10:16:22 UTC 2007

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> > We do need to think about archiving / locking down the site
> > eventually. This is the constant issue with conference / event sites
> > over time...

I think we should turn off *all* interactivity in one month on the site and let an "ab" spider the site. then delete the drupal install and put static html in place. then we can in due time redirect drupalcon.org to somewhereelse2008.drupalcon.org. this way we dont have to worry about security and stuff.

Boris, will you be able to keep this site in the air for "some time", it will be just a static not visited often archive by that time?

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