[development] Original slashdot article about Wordpress is apparently FUD

Caleb Gilbert caleb.gilbert at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 18:41:28 UTC 2007

*From the slashdot article:

Update: 09/25 17:52 GMT* by * KD <http://slashdot.org/%7Ekdawson/> *: This
article is misleading enough to be called "just wrong." Matt Mullenweg
writes: *"As mentioned in our release
the update notification sends your blog URL, plugins, and version info when
it checks api.wordpress.org for new and compatible updates. It does not
include $_SERVER dumps, or any settings beyond version numbers (for checking
compatibility), or your blog name, or your credit card number. We do provide
a way of disabling this feature; in fact I link to one of the plugins in the
release announcement and in my original
Morty's thread."
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