[development] WordPress 2.3 Spies On Users

DragonWize dragonwize at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 20:23:16 UTC 2007

Zohar Stolar wrote:
> Michael Prasuhn wrote:
>> How about making it opt in, with an option for it in the installer?
> This is nice to have, but let's face it:
> The really annoying issue here is not the actual information 
> retrieval, but the way Mark of WP related to it, as being a must, with 
> no way out - take it or leave it.
> This makes the /human/ side of the system very unreliable, as opposed 
> to Drupal where, so far, there is a lot of respect and consideration 
> to end users.
> An opt-out option (for software updates) achieves both needs:
> 1. It keeps the system secured
> 2. It lets the user decide, keeping the software (i.e., the Drupal 
> project) reliable
> And let also remember that the Drupal module IS turned off by default, 
> as mentioned before.
> Zohar

I have seen many comments against Matt (not mark), the creator of 
wordpress, here and all of them are based off of that 1 paragraph 
unfortunately posted on Slashdot. Matt was not rude in any way, he 
simply explained what wordpress does and in no way ever suggested to 
fork wordpress as the article mentioned. Before making such wrong 
statements about someone please do the research. Here is the the Matt's 
that the article so wrongly butchers it that slashdot has already 
updated the article. There is not even a single instance of the word 
"fork" in the entire thread.

As Matt and Angie have said with respect to the topic of sharing 
information, drupal and wordpress are very much a like.

-- Alan D.

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