[development] override theme of another module

Steve Ringwood nevets at mailbag.com
Thu Sep 27 19:56:34 UTC 2007


	Maybe this will help

	Normally if one has a module, lets call it mymodule
	then one would provide theming functions along the lines of

function theme_module_page(...) {

function theme_module_paragraph(...) {

	Then when calling these functions one would use

	theme('module_page', ...);
	theme('module_paragraph', ...);

	The theme function is the key here, it not only provides
	the override mechanism but also only makes a function call
	if it finds an valid theme function.  So there is no need
	for the caller to do any checking.

	Then in using phptemplates one can override with either

function phptemplate_module_page(...) {


function themename_module_page(...) {

	(I think there are similiar ways using the other template engines)


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