[development] Drupal on OSX, anyone?

Gary Broyhill broyhill at lrc.edu
Wed Apr 2 21:44:28 UTC 2008

Thanks Joshua, Mark, and everyone who responded to my question. It's so
great to get useful information so quickly (and you guys didn't even bill
me!).  My goal was to get a reading on whether it would be less-than-prudent
to continue in the OSX direction, and this thread has helped me enormously
toward that. More specific questions later!! Thanks also to the individuals
who sent personal replies. I'll get back to you asap.


     On Apr 2, 2008, at 11:36 AM, Gary Broyhill wrote:
> Hi,
> I fairly new to this group, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts
> so far.
> To learn Drupal, I have succesfully set up Drupal 5.7 on a Mac OSX Leopard
> server, which came preconfigured with Apache/PHP. I had the server on hand
> so it seemed a cheap way to get started :). Has anyone else tried using
> Drupal on OSX? Would be interested in comparing notes. I'm not sure if OSX
> would be a good production server for the long haul, and I wonder if should
> just ditch it and go to a standard LAMP set up.
> Any input on this would be appreciated! Thanks
> Gary Broyhill
> Webmaster
> Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory, NC
> www.lrc.edu
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Gary C. Broyhill
Lenoir-Rhyne College
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