[development] Being noisy on installation...

Michael Prasuhn mike at mikeyp.net
Fri Apr 11 18:44:47 UTC 2008

This issue is from Senpai, but discusses some options (including  
DimitriG's idea)



On Apr 11, 2008, at 11:26 AM, Larry Garfield wrote:
> In Boston, DmitriG and I were talking about install-profile-as- 
> module and he suggested making the modules page into a multi-step  
> form.  That is, after you select your new 3 modules, the next page  
> you see is the permissions page for all roles but just for the  
> modules you enabled.  That lets you do the initial permission set up  
> immediately, before you get back to the modules page.  (You can, of  
> course, still go to the permissions page at any time.)  He also  
> suggested letting modules add their own config pages to a form that  
> gets shown immediately after that, which would replace profile  
> configuration.  That could also be useful for initial configuration  
> for at least some modules.

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