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Tue Apr 15 10:27:04 UTC 2008

My take on old issues is this, assuming it's not my own issue/project (in
which case do what you like I guess).

Is it a real bug? If not, active needs more info, by design, or won't fix.
Is it still a bug? Bump it, but do a quick search for duplicate issues
If it's been fixed 1. try to find a duplicate issue to mark it against if
it's a core bug 2. In contrib, mark to fixed (or sometimes directly to
closed if it's very old), or duplicate, case by case.

Feature requests:
Is it a valid feature request? No module does this? Not just a support
request for configuration?
If it fails any of these, won't fix.
If it is valid, bump the version, and generally worth adding a note to
explain why it's still valid.

Tasks and support requests are usually a variation of the above.

And something has patches attached to it, I usually leave them more open
than if not, and generally take a quick look at the patch to see if it's got
any chance of applying. Marking things to needs work keeps the dust monsters
a lot happier. And if an issue has been RTBC for more than a couple of
months it's probably at the wrong status.
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