[development] New advanced help module

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Sun Apr 20 15:45:05 UTC 2008

Ken Rickard wrote:
> Any ideas how this will intersect with the accepted Summer of Code project:
> Revamp Drupal's help system (Gurpartap Singh), mentored by dmitrig01 and 
> heyrocker.

Both of them have already taken a look at this module. While I do not 
know what they will do with it, I've offered it up to Gurpartap in any 
way he needs, including making him a maintainer so that he can expand it 
to suit his purposes.

I'm not sure what the end result will be; my hope is that it will mean 
more of his work will be on organization and placement of help than it 
will be on creating new technology for help, but there are a number of 
ideas on his list that this module doesn't do. (A centralized help 
server, for one). Though there are some theoretical problems with that 
idea that concern me.

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