[development] Choosing the N number for .install's hook_update_N

Aaron Winborn winborn at advomatic.com
Thu Aug 7 17:14:33 UTC 2008

Extrapolating this to the future, it is inevitable then that there will 
someday be a Views 10. Hopefully there will be enough indication of this 
that we can make the necessary changes to accommodate in time for it (or 
trust whatever emergent technology is in charge by then to do so).

Naheem Zaffar wrote:
> Going down the other side - I almost always expect the Drupal 6
> release to be "better than" the latest Drupal 5 Release.
> ie, 5.x-9.0 would be worse than 6.x-1.0 if those are the latest
> releases on each side.
> I was surprised that the new Views was developed as 6.x-2.x-dev. I
> expected a "number reset".

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