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Gina Beisel gina.beisel at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 12:31:25 UTC 2008

I am also plagued with the same issues. I think it would be extremely
beneficial to separate what makes a site go from content. They data is so
mashed up it is hard to know what ports and what does not.

On Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 12:57 AM, Yuval Hager <yuval at avramzon.net> wrote:

> I'd like to draw the dev list members' attention to a thread from support
> about staging:
> http://lists.drupal.org/pipermail/support/2008-August/009492.html
> The reason I am sending this here, is that I believe there is no structured
> and well defined solution to the problem. There are many trials to handle
> this (e.g. even/odd nid numbering scheme, dbscripts), but most of them are
> cumbersome and/or limited in many ways.
> I believe this is a very common problem, and that the only real solution
> should come from core. I think the most difficult part here is to separate
> content from configuration. The first step would be how to define what is
> content and what is config (for example - site name - is it a content
> property or a config property?). The next step then would be to find a way
> to
> transfer config from a staging/dev site onto production, without
> overwriting
> any content that might have been added there during development.
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