[development] Solving the dev->staging->live problem

Zohar Stolar z.stolar at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 06:26:34 UTC 2008

Earnie Boyd wrote:

> Quoting Dave Cohen <drupal at dave-cohen.com>:
>> Personally, I don't see how two DBs improves things.  In my 
>> experience, nodes
>> are often "configuration" as well as "content".  Trying to draw that 
>> line
>> somewhere is a mistake, IMHO.  You might draw the line where it makes 
>> sense
>> for your sites, but not someone elses.
> I couldn't agree more.  I think of static page content as 
> "configuration" while the dynamic story content as "content".
If we take /any/ node as "configuration", we really are in troubles...

Let's think of a classic scenario (before we dive into esoteric ones) 
where the only changes to the DB, on the production site are:
- adding / modifying nodes, comments, files and users
- Any watchdog entries, timestamps or counters, as a result of the above

While on the dev/staging servers, we change the rest:
- views config
- CCKs structure
- block position / config
- probably most of the things under admin/*

Menus are a special case, since adding a menu item on production can be 
considered as adding content, as oppose to changing the menu's block 
position, or changing fields in views.

>> As you point out, the list is highly debatable.  I think it's 
>> undecidable.
I assume the reason it seems undecidable is because each one has his/her 
own policies and tricks.
If we come out with a /fairly good/ solution, one that would fit 80% of 
all cases, it will help us adapt ourselves to it.

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