[development] Solving the dev->staging->live problem

Yuval Hager yuval at avramzon.net
Sun Aug 10 16:47:49 UTC 2008

On Sunday 10 August 2008, Greg Dunlap wrote:
> This whole problem would be much simpler if every "thing" had a GUID. Get
> that in place, and building a system to do deployment in the way described
> above actually becomes a realistic proposition.

I hope I am not stating the obvious here, but you can get yourself a 
pseudo-GUID if you ask the user for a string that identifies the installation 
(e.g. my-dev, my-staging, my-production) and use that and the object internal 
id to create a GUID (no hashing necessary).
When you import objects INTO an installation you keep a table that maps the 
remote object GUID to the local object GUID. Then you have a well defined one 
to one mapping, and you are able to update the object again, reference to it 
(this comment is for that node), or even send it back if needed. You can also 
keep track of which object came from where if you ever need this kind of 

I don't trust arbitrary strings like domain, IP, MAC etc as they have the 
tendency to change. Asking the user for a unique id (and it only has to be 
unique in his world) should be good enough here.

Yuval Hager
[@] yuval at avramzon.net
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