[development] sessions problem

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Wed Dec 24 03:20:52 UTC 2008

> If the phpFreeChat module has a lot of data in there, I'd look at the module
> to see what it's doing with $_SESSION.  It may be storing data there it
> doesn't need to and/or not removing data later on when it doesn't need it
> anymore.  It really depends on the modules you have installed.  OG, for
> instance, stores the complete node of the current group a user is viewing in
> the session, which makes the session table get really big (far too big, IMO).
> Other modules don't store more than int or two in the session, if that.

OG used to do that, but has changed in D6 and about to be released D5.
We only do that for authenticated users now, and it gets cleared out
when user visits a non group page.

Sheryl - just call session_save_session(FALSE) and Drupal will not
save anything to sessions table. You should explore any ramifications
of this for other modules.

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