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Adam Light aclight at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 14:53:40 UTC 2008

On Jan 31, 2008 7:46 PM, Angela Byron <drupal-devel at webchick.net> wrote:

> What we need is a small horde (or preferably a large one!) of people
> around in #drupal-ghop to answer student questions, as well as keeping
> an eye on the following issues, which are the only remaining tasks in
> play. All of these tasks **MUST** be reviewed and marked "Closed" by
> 23:59 PST Feb. 3, or the student will *not* receive credit for their
> final tasks. :(

One small addition to this.

Angie gave the URLs for each open issue in our own issue tracker on
drupal.org.  However, each task is *also* being tracked on the "official"
Google GHOP task list at

Each GHOP task on drupal.org should have a link to the official task on
Google's site in the original issue node or one of the first comments, and
the title also indicates the GHOP task number.  If you happen to review a
student's task and sign off on their work, please make sure to *also* post a
comment in the "official" issue for that task saying the student is
finished.  You probably won't be able to change the status of the official
issue as closed, unless you are already on the access list for making
changes to GHOP tasks, but Angie, Addi, and I will all receive notice of all
comments on the official issues, and can mark them closed ourselves if you

Since Google will go by the status of issues on code.google.com, we need to
make sure that when a task is marked as completed on drupal.org it also gets
closed on code.google.com.

Thanks for your help
Adam Light (aclight)
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