[development] rich text editor

Chris Johnson cxjohnson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 09:16:22 UTC 2008

I thought I'd convey the remarks about Rich Text Editors (RTE) one
implementor of Drupal sites posted to our internal development team's
collaboration space.  We use TinyMCE for our 90+ sites currently.  But
TinyMCE has a lot of drawbacks -- including that its code base is
bigger than all of core Drupal.

We are planning our migration to Drupal 6.  We will re-evaluate which
RTE to use as we do that.

Here are the remarks:

"a google of "jquery rte" yields this:


would seem to make sense to start with something like this as a base
and add only what is needed, rather than strip out stuff from tinyMCE
of FCK.

sorry, this is one of my peeves.  if drupal is using jquery as js
library then it needs to be leveraged.  austere or not, every bit
counts in the field."

To restate:  If Drupal is using jQuery, then we ought to have a few
RTEs to choose from based upon jQuery.  That sounds like a golden
opportunity to me.

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