[development] New Asterisk Call Detail Record (CDR) module

Ian Bezanson irb at ianbezanson.ca
Mon Feb 11 12:54:08 UTC 2008

I've had a quick email chat with hunmonk about this a few weeks ago...

Not sure if anyone's using Asterisk, and moreso Asterisk CDRs -> mySQL,
but I'd been using Asterisk-Stat V2.0 for some time, and it's terribly
outdated, so I'd decided to create a Drupal module to handle Asterisk
CDRs. asteriskcdrs.  The project can be found here:

I've released a preliminary package, but if others are using the system,
I would love to get some feedback on where to grow this module.  For
now, it mainly allows you to search call detail records and view details
on each.  I plan to add in reporting, and maybe graphing.

It's a little bit finnicky in the setup now, so please let me know if
folks run into setup issues, and I can walk you through anything that
needs to be done (read: I had to hack in the ability to add an an
auto-incrementing field to the CDR table, as Asterisk doesn't put one in

Any thoughts from others?


Ian Bezanson
irb at ianbezanson.ca

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